Any Kid Can Be An Author

Let’s face it—kids of all ages are far more tech savvy than we were as kids. Why not give them the tools to be ambitious, successful, and achieve their goals at a young age?! By following these simple steps below, children of all ages can make their very own e-book.

Just a side note…you must be at least 18 years old to publish your e-book on Kindle Direct Publishing, however; using the method below, you can create your own e-book to read on applications such Adobe Acrobat Reader.

 Let’s get started!

 1. Create Your Story

  • First, create a story that is approximately 24-32 pages long. Start by generating your illustrations. I know…seems backwards, right?! Whether you see the illustrations in your imagination, or from a photograph, it usually triggers a good thought that turns into a story. Take for instance this photo:image002
  • What are your first thoughts? Do you think of a rhyme or a short story? For me, my first thoughts are:

       E is for Elephant, move out the way.     

He plays in the water on a hot, sunny day.


  • If your illustrations promote a recent memory or story in your mind, write it!
  • Save your illustrations in a folder and label each according to the page numbers of your book. 
  • Use Microsoft Word to draft a manuscript of your book. This way you can copy/paste into your PowerPoint slides with ease. 

Helpful tips:

*Use pictures you have drawn yourself.

*Take pictures you have photographed, and show off your editing skills through applications such as Waterlogue or Photoshop. Be careful not to photograph people, signs, or other things that may require a Release.

*Download free images through royalty-free sites such as These images are free to download, modify, and use in all applications.