5 Simple Steps to Beat the Monday Blues

With the newest Alycat book releasing this year— Alycat and the Monday Blues— you may have noticed that we are victims of the Monday Blues in our house.

You wake up from a fun-filled weekend to the realization that the laundry is overflowing, a very busy workweek lies ahead, and the next weekend feels like an eternity away. You are overcome with the notorious Monday Blues. Here are some tips on how to turn that blue day into a new day:

  1. On Sunday night, lay out an entire week of clothes for those school kids. You will feel like you conquered the world when they don’t ask you a million times where their clothes are.  The struggle is real.
  2. Have a nice breakfast planned for Monday morning to have something to look forward to when you wake up. Also, drink that extra cup of coffee!
  3. Pick a flower from outside and give it to your children/spouse—or put it on your desk to remind you that new, beautiful things lie ahead.
  4. Don’t bring leftovers from Sunday for lunch. Leave that at home for dinner so that you don’t have to cook on Monday night (to catch up on laundry, of course). Eat lunch with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while.
  5. Listen to the radio to and from the drive to work/school. It soothes the soul.

These simple steps may alleviate some of those unwanted “blue moods”. If all else fails, maybe you should go back to bed.

What are your tips for beating the Monday Blues? Let us know!

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