5 Simple Steps to Beat the Monday Blues

With the newest Alycat book releasing this year— Alycat and the Monday Blues— you may have noticed that we are victims of the Monday Blues in our house. You wake up from a fun-filled weekend to the realization that the laundry is overflowing, a very busy workweek lies ahead, and the next weekend feels like an eternity away.&hellip

Classroom Writing Project

This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. Kids want to create. Why not show them how easy it can be to write their own story? At a recent author visit, I created a PowerPoint presentation to guide a 4th grade class through the writing process of creating their own book. We&hellip

The Great Escape

So a few days of being “under the weather” has given me plenty of time to watch all of the Harry Potter movies, laugh repeatedly at the BBC dad interview, and do a little writing. If you haven’t seen the BBC interview–it’s a must for all parents and I’ve attached the link below. We are all&hellip

Dreams, daydreams, journals, and journeys

I remember my childhood daydreams very clearly. I wanted to be in a rock band like Barbie and the Rockers or Kids Incorporated. I wrote fan-mail to Kids Incorporated many times and never heard back. I remember my adolescent daydreams very vividly. As we switched classes in the hall, I would write notes to my&hellip

Includers and the Excluded

  You know school is about to start when different articles float around the Internet reminding kids to be “includers” at school. The reality is that we will all be excluded at some point of our lives and we should teach our kids how to be “includers” and how to deal with being excluded. Being an “includer”&hellip


15 Things Humans Can Learn From Ducks When the wind blows, spread your wings and fly. If Mom is too busy feeding others, go search for your own food. Adventures lie behind rocks, fountains, along the fence, or in a hole. Listen to the other birds chirping. If you feel the need to be bold,&hellip

Any Kid Can Be An Author

Let’s face it—kids of all ages are far more tech savvy than we were as kids. Why not give them the tools to be ambitious, successful, and achieve their goals at a young age?! By following these simple steps below, children of all ages can make their very own e-book. Just a side note…you must be&hellip

Rhyme or Reason

Want to explore the world with your children, without leaving your home? Grab a copy of Big Sur or Space Center and begin your adventure with the new series, Rhyme or Reason Travel. These books will inspire children of all ages to take an abstract journey to the world’s most spectacular wonders. Soar through each page with concise rhyme and&hellip

How It Started

I have always loved to write. Whether it was a letter, poem, lesson plan, trial notebook, or to-do list, it was something I looked forward to doing.  Writing allows our little thoughts to become big deals and then soon we begin to realize that it is the little things that matter. Every night, my husband&hellip