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I remember my childhood daydreams very clearly. I wanted to be in a rock band like Barbie and the Rockers or Kids Incorporated. I wrote fan-mail to Kids Incorporated many times and never heard back.

I remember my adolescent daydreams very vividly. As we switched classes in the hall, I would write notes to my friends about who we hoped would ask us to the dance, or who we were voting for in the Student Council election.

I remember my adult daydreams so well. I dreamed of becoming a teacher, then a lawyer, and then possibly Attorney General. I wrote lesson plans, trial briefs, bills, and even a new Emergency Handbook after Katrina hit.

I liked my life, but I always felt like there was something more. Some of my daydreams came true, some didn’t. Some of my dreams became reality, some were squashed. I knew I was meant to go somewhere but didn’t know where.

Then it hit me. It was 5:30AM during Christmas break. My husband woke me up to tell me that he was heading off to work and that he loved me. I told him bye and fell back asleep since I knew the kids would be sleeping in. As I slept, I dreamt that someone was holding my right hand while I slept. As soon as my hand was let go, I woke up. I looked around for my husband, but remembered that he had left for work. It was 6:30AM and I just felt like this dream mattered and that this day was the start of a new journey.

That night, my husband and I read a story to our children before bedtime. After reading every single book in the bookshelf, the kids stated that it was time to buy more books. I simply told them that I would write a story for tomorrow night’s reading, and they believed in me.

I wrote and wrote the next day as the story unfolded. Unfinished and unedited, I read it to the kids before bedtime. They loved it! They had ideas for the ending and gave me outrageous outcomes to choose from. I finished my story and read the entire book at bedtime. The laughs, squeals, and bouncing on the bed at the end of the story made my heart full. It was then that I knew that this was a journey that I needed to take in my life. Writing.

As I finished the first book of the Alycat series, I realized that I had been writing my whole life and my dream symbolized what I should have realized a long time ago. I needed to keep writing. I have written fan-mail, love notes, friend notes, lesson plans, trial briefs, weekly letters to my children, my Will (over and over again), to-do lists, journals, imaginary stories, and true stories. The daydreams not only allowed me to accomplish my journey– the daydreams WERE the journey. They are just now on paper.

Hopefully all of your daydreams come true.

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