The Great Escape


So a few days of being “under the weather” has given me plenty of time to watch all of the Harry Potter movies, laugh repeatedly at the BBC dad interview, and do a little writing. If you haven’t seen the BBC interview–it’s a must for all parents and I’ve attached the link below. We are all victims of the tireless efforts of these little escapees who vow to interrupt every phone call, bathroom break, and important meeting. It gives us all a wake-up call as to how to live our lives. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Bust down those walls and show the world what you’re made of!

As I had some extra time on my hands, I decided to write a  short tale rewarding the efforts of Marion and James Kelly for living their life without boundaries! Oh, and my opinion is that The Half-Blood Prince is the best HP movie. –I’m a sucker for raw emotion and gaining of independence.

Now, the tale of two escape artists

The Great Escape

It’s time to escape–It’s now or never.

The guard is cooking and won’t be as a clever.

You distract with your horns and rickety rattles.

I’ll prance in, and please don’t tattle.

Use your bubble to block the guard.

This will be safer than leaving the yard.

I’ll wear my goggles in case it’s dark.

They’ll give us super-vision like Lois and Clark.

Once I’m in, I’ll create a giant rumble.

Roll in with your tank and get them to stumble.

Don’t give up, whatever you do.

Here’s our chance, oh wait—she’s coming for you.

We need a new plan, quick– think fast!

Why didn’t I follow you in last?

I’ll keep dancing with all of my might.

I can do this, you know, all day and all night.

Oh no, she’s got me! How can she catch two?

I guess they’re not a fan of hullabaloo.

At least we invaded with our bubble and dance.

And next time they won’t even stand a chance.

Let’s start planning, you wait and see.

I’ll make sure she’s cooking a big pot of spaghetti.

Then we’ll plan our escape using the dog and a stool.

It’s now or never–I think that room is cool.


GIF Artwork: @artieyoon | Instagram (Link to GIF on pic)

Link to BBC Interview:


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